Administrator Technology

Administrator Technology

Administrator tasks are generally performed in an office setting from a personal computer.

Administrator screens and functions are designed to take advantage of the features available in such an environment such as larger display screen, a full keyboard, mouse, and printer support.

Analytic Reports

Deep dive analysis of the data is available to determine metrics such as the normal amount of time required for students to come from their classroom to the car line or what time of day does a teacher normally sign in. Quantitative metrics provide a mechanism for identifying outliers and improving te process.

Exportable Data

Many of the reports may be exported then loaded into a spreadsheet program for unlimited slicing and dicing of the data.

Static Roster Reports

Beyond the real time list of students available to dimissal staff when performing dismissal, administrators have access to comprehensive roster reports by classroom, group, grade, dismissal ID, and more.

Configuration Analysis

The power of electronic computing is harnessed in Silent Dismissal to review each student record to identify possible discrepancies in assigned numbers and to validate student display in at least one location on each day of the week.

PDF Output

Portable Document Format, or PDF, files are generated for many of the printing tasks. These files may be saved locally, sent via e-mail, or sent to the printer. When printing, the user may selectively determine which pages to print.

Multi Record Tools

Certain tools available in the administrator arsenal allow the administrator to update or modify large groups of students or staff at one time. Provisions exist for performing data import from other systems using simple copy and paste routines.


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