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Nowadays, in the mid twenty teens, parents expect and demand to be able to manage everything, including their children's dismissal with an app. The optional Silent Dismissal parent app lets parents establish alternate pick up or transportation methods remotely from their smartphone where ever they are or whatever is happening in their own lives.

Use of the Silent Dismissal parent app is strictly optional for schools and incurs no additional cost for the school. Schools determine what features, if any, will be provided to parents.

Each transaction from the parent app is directly referenced to the individual who enters the information so that incorrect information can be attributed to the parents which relieves the school from the burden of determining whether or not a staff member caused an error.

The allowable time for changes may be set within Silent Dimissal to rigidly enforce the time of parent changes.

Parents create their own accounts via the app and associate their children using validation codes that are printed with the car tags so that no extra effort is required from school staff.

Why do I have to pay for this?

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Standard Dismissal

Parents may set the standard dismissal operation for each of their own students by day of the week. For families with minimal variability these settings may only need to be set once or twice per school year as they remain in effect until changed, but families that have frequent changes have the ability to make changes whenever necessary without depending upon someone at the school to implement the changes.

Pick Up Override

Life is complicated and unexpected changes do occur. With the Silent Dismissal Parent Connect mobile app it is possible to override the customary dismissal for the current day or for a future date. Consider this example: normally you pick your students up from school but today while running errands you get a flat tire and realize that you will not be able to arrive at the school on time. Provided the necessary arrangements with the school exist, pull out your mobile phone and change your student from pick to riding the bus. Your student is automatically added to the bus roster but only for the current day.

What if your school doesn't have buses but you have an arrangement with another family in the event of complications to share carpool? As long as you know the pick up number for the other family, pull out your phone, enter their pick up number as an alternate for the day and your student will be directed to them after school.

Let's say that you have three children that normally ride the bus, but next week on Wednesday you have to pick one of them up from school for a dentist appointment while the other two continue to ride the bus. From the mobile app select the student to be picked up, set the effective date to next week Wednesday, then designate the student as "Pick Up Only." When the bus is called for loading the other two students will be called but this child will remain until you pick them up from the school.

Play Dates a.k.a. Ride with a Friend

Many parents may arrange for alternate parent pick for play dates. With parent app, all of these arrangements can be accommodated without involving the school. Simply set your student for an alternate pick up ID number for a day and your student will be called automatically when the other family arrives to pick up their own children. The display in the classroom will even identify this as an alternate number pick up to assist both your student and the teacher.

Notification Alerts

Depending up school policies, it is possible for parents to receive messages related to specific after school groups, the arrival of a daycare van or bus at the school, or the explicit acknowledgment that their child has been loaded onto a bus or van.

Reminder Messages

Do you wish that you had a way to remind your student at the end of the day about something, such as remembering to bring home a lunch box, a jacket, a permission slip, or band instrument? What about a way to let the student know that today you are in the red truck rather than the blue car or that Aunt Judy is running carpool today? This is now possible with an "All Access" pass. You may post a message of up to 15 characters that will appear adjacent to your student's name when called for dismissal. Enter text such as "Lunch Box" or "Aunt Judy" to relay information.

Student Movement Alerts

With the dynamic nature of end of school, you may not always be on site but still want confirmation regarding your student. The Parent Connect app can notify you when a student is called for dismissal either for pick up or for another activity such as bus, daycare van, on site extended care, tutoring, etc. It can also alert you when your child has received that information and has left the classroom, when your student has arrived to the proper location, and even when the student gets onto a bus.

Student Configuration Alerts

Receive alerts when changes are made to your student's dismissal profile either by a staff member or another person that is allowed access. Proactively review changes rather than being force to react to problems later.

School Change Alerts

Schools can easily send alerts to small groups of students affected by a change at the school. Imagine the school is notified that tennis practice must be cancelled. The school can send out an alert only to those parents with students assigned to tennis on the current day then those parents can easily make the necessary dismissal changes remotely.

What happens when a bus encounters a mechanical problem? Schools can now send out an alert that the bus has been delayed and follow it later to inform parents approximately how much later the students will be arriving home on the current day.

Dismiss Students

Some schools have a location where parents may walk up to the school to pick up children but this sometimes adds to the work required by staff. With Silent Dismissal, schools can define a geographic boundary defined by latitude and longitude from within which parents may be able to call their own students. This may represent a very small area such as only when with 30 feet of the door. Parents no longer need to wait for staff to enter pick up numbers, the process is faster, and also less work for the staff all while being secure by ensuring that the parent is physically at the door waiting for student.


Each school individually determines which of the parent mobile app features to enable. Access to most features requires an annual "All Access" subscription via an in-app purchase. Check with your school regarding which services they support prior to purchasing an "All Access" subscription.


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