Dismissal staff need to let students know when their transportation has arrived to pick them up. Historically this has been done with bullhorns, intercoms, or radios; creating a disruptive and stressful environment for staff and students alike. Moreover, when information is not heard or understood, it creates confusion and delays. Too often everyone is bombarded with irrelevant information and subsequently unable to hear information that applies to them.

Silent Dismissal remedies all of these problems by providing a simple method for transportation arrival to be recorded and disseminated to the appropriate individuals, without noise or confusion.

Silent Dismissal advances this concept further by providing mechanisms for recording and displaying non-standard changes to those persons affected, using names rather than obscure numbers or codes.

Dismissal Desktop Display
The Dismissal staff desktop view provides access for carpool number entry, messagae posting, group dismissal, and individual student posting.
Dismissal Keypad on Phone
Dismissal staff have access to pages that are specially tailored to mobile devices like this keypad designed for smart phones. There is no app that needs to be installed to use this feature.
Group Load
Never have a student miss a bus or other transportation again! The Dismissal Group Load screens are well suited to tablets and provide real time information on which students are riding a bus for the current day and whether or not the student has left the classroom. Mark students as they arrive for loading then acknowledge when they have gotten on the bus.


Information may be entered into the application using viturally any type of connected device that supports a modern browser. Read more about the technology available to dismissal staff.

Custom Views

Silent Dismissal provides custom views and interfaces specifically tailored to various device types such as phones, tablets, or computers for differing tasks such as entering parent numbers, validating bus and van rosters, loading children into cars, or administering after care groups.

Real Time Status

All necessary interaction between devices and the Silent Dismissal service are acknowledged in real time on the display, providing the feedback necessary to be confident that the information entered has be processed.

Student Status

When coupled with input in the classroom, dismissal staff can quickly see which children are participating in a dismissal event - such as van, bus, and club rosters - whether the child has left the classroom, and designate that each child has been properly loaded in their conveyance.

Directed Messaging

Dismissal staff have the ability to post vital dismissal messages directly to the Silent Dismissal service that will appear in individual classroom, in classroomw only with children participating in specific dismissal group, or school wide. All messages are recorded for history and are organized for easy reference on the classroom displays.


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