On this page we have attempted to enumerate all of the features of Silent Dismissal. Little to no explanation is given below regarding these features. Most are covered in greater detail throughout the remainder of the site, but if you have any questions regarding any item, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  1. Unlimited Logical Student Groups
  2. Standard Classroom View
  3. Extented Classroom View by Specific Students
  4. Add Inidividual Students to Classroom View
  5. View Additional Classrooms
  6. Selectable Students by Day of Week
  7. Remediation During Carpool View
  8. Lockable View Screen
  9. Customizable Font Size and Color
  10. Color Coded Groups
  11. Multiple Car Lines
  12. Matrix or Wave Dismissal
  13. Highlighted Bus and Van Display
  14. Classroom Messaging
  15. Group Messaging
  16. Student Participation Indicator
  17. Secure Substitute Teacher Access
  18. Selectable Audible Tone
  19. Selectable Column Display
  20. Verify Students to be Shown
  21. Convert Carpool Numbers to Names
  22. Parent Dismissal Kiosk
  23. Uploadable School Logo
  1. Print Dash, Mirror, Wallet Tags
  2. Activity Reporting
  3. Roster Reporting by Group and Classroom
  4. Prompt for Next Available Number
  5. Mobile Support for iPhone and Android
  6. Tablet Support for iPad and Android
  7. Computer Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  8. Role Based Security
  9. Alternate Views Based Upon Device Type
  10. Asynchronous Data Updates
  11. On Touch Number Entry
  12. Keypad Number Entry
  13. Predefined Messages
  14. Free form Messages
  15. Simplified Year-to-Year Data Update
  16. Bulk Student and Teacher Load
  17. Connected Parent App
  18. After School Payments
  19. After School Tax Statements
  20. Parent Action Monitoring and Reporting
  21. Reassignable Student Licenses
  22. More...

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