Many of you visiting this site may wonder how does Silent Dismissal differ from another product,

The staff of Silent Dismissal are the former staff of that company, including development, sales, marketing, support, and more.

Due to a change in management and ownership we decided to start a new service so that we could continue to provide the level of quality that our customers have come to know and love.

We've redone everything from scratch, using new architecture and practices not available when we first wrote the other software. Heck, back when we started the iPhone didn't exist and no one had even heard of tablet computing.

Our new service provides all of the features that you've grown to love based upon quicker algorithms running on faster computer servers with a more intuitive user experience.

We've extended our offering well beyond the other products with features like Silent Dismissal Parent Connect, after care support, parent performance tracking, and more all at the same prices as before with the same great support you expect from the same people you know.


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