?> Process | Silent Dismissal

Morning Arrival

During the School Day


This is the basic process for Silent Dismissal.

  1. Parent arrives in car line
  2. Student number is entered by staff into mobile device
  3. Information is transmitted wirelessly to the server
  4. Server processes number and staff location for action
  5. Appropriate information is sent to classroom via Internet
  6. Information is displayed in classroom
  7. Student receives information and leaves classroom
  8. Staff records student depature with one touch
  9. Student leaves in car

All parents associated to a student are notified when the student is called for departure, either in the mobile app, or, for those who do not have an active subscription, via a-mail.

Classroom Departure

Rosters and Loading

As students leave the building, arrive at a group meeting place, or embark on a bus or van, the roster of students is dynamically generated to show only those students who have been summoned for the current day. The roster list automatically excludes students not assigned to the group for the day and those who are absent while adding students who may have been assigned for the day via an override.

Rosters may also be completed by scanning individual student QR codes. Silent Dismissal makes it easy to track all students in real time, notify parents of all transaction, and quickly locate any student using simple to use search features.

Moreover, because Silent Dismissal records all activities by user and time, it is possible to review that information to improve overall dismissal duration.

Extended Care

Silent Dismissal merges seamlessly with Extended Care tracking to manage enrichment groups, daily check in, late fees, and the ability for parents to call for students from Extended Care from their phones. See the section on Extended Care for more details.


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