Aftercare is an add on feature of Silent Dismissal. It allows students to be dismissed from regular school to after care where the children may be checked in and subsequently checked out for dismissal potentially hours later.

Attendance at after care may be used to generate a corresponding student fee for invoicing to parents. The after care add on module provides a comprehensive set of tools for generating invoices, recording individual payments, and tax statements for persons who have remitted payment. All records of payment are attributed to the person making the payment so that separate statements may be provided to individual parents.

Check In

As students arrive at after care, their attendance may be recorded with a single click. As often happens, students will arrive at after care while parents are in the car line when the parent fails to notify the school of the change.

By checking each student into after care, the parent can still be charged for the day with both check and and check out times as after care students are often provided a snack immediately upon arrival.

Check Out

Once a student has been checked into after care, the student is then available to be subsequently checked out at a later time when the parent arrives.

Because after care doesn't necessarily occur in a classroom, the after care app may be used on a mobile device to provide alerts to after care providers in locations outside of the school such as the playground.

As most after care check out requires a parent to walk into the school, the after care dismissal view alerts the staff member if the parent has an outstanding balance due.


Parent invoices may be generated at any time to encompass any specific after care dates or may be generated in batch to cover all current outstanding dates. Invoice may be printed or sent to an e-mail address. Additional fees for items such as supp;ies, late payment, or NSF checks may be charged along with credits to reverse these charges if necessary.

Payment Receivable

When parents remit payment for after care services, the remaining balance due is decrease, including the option to carry a credit balance forward. Each payment is recorded against an individual rather than a child or group of children to provide valid tax reporting and includes a reference to check number or credit card authorization.

Payee Reports

Statements detailing amounts paid may be printed or sent via e-mail to persons making payments


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