Parent Technology

Parent Technology

Dedicated apps available for iPhone and Android keep parents connected.

No Additional Staff Work

Parents create their own accounts to eliminate additional staff work.

Reduced Staff Work

By providing a secure method for parents to change dismissal arrangements, office staff will not be burdened with taking parent phone calls on this topic and relaying the information to the classroom.

Secure Student Assignment

When parents receive their student carpool number tags, a section on the page will provide the parents with the necessary access code, similar to those found on redeemable gift cards. The code along with the carpool number and the specific school domain will allow parents to associate their own children.

Parents may share that information with others who may be involved with picking up the children but only if the parents specifically provide them with the necessary credendials.

Every account associated to a student is able to see a list of other accounts that have access. Should the parent need to restrict access at a later time, the Silent Dismissal administrator may generate a new code for the child.


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